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In the summer, people tend to travel to many beautiful beaches. Visitors can be immersed in the cool and green water to reduce stress and pressure of daily life. Some people like the busy and vibrant place, but others people want to experience the pristine wilderness. In Vietnam, there are a lot of pristine beaches which will bring the peaceful feeling to visitors. One of the best choice to enjoy the spectacular sightseeing is Lang Co Bay in Hue. Let introduce some interesting information for you.

vinh lang co hue

First of all, Lang Co Bay is about 30km south of Da Nang city and about 70km north of Hue. It has a favorable and convenient location when situated among 3 centers for the preservation of world cultural heritage. They are the ancient capital of Hue, Hoi An ancient town, and My Son sanctuary. 

Lang Co beach will be the most amazing and wonderful from April to July. From August to November, it often rains making the water turbid. In other months, the weather is quite cold so it is not suitable for swimming.

vinh lang co

Coming to Lang Co beach, visitors will have much sightseeing. One of them is the Chan May beach. It has a curved shape with the long white sands and gentle waves. However, if you want to swim at this beach, you will have to be careful and have caution because there is no rescue worker working 24/24 and it also doesn’t have a hazard alert system. You are a person who has an excellent swimming skill and you do enjoy the adventurous moments, then you can try it.

Another interesting place in Lang Co is Lap An lagoon. Visitors can hire a motorbike in the hotel to come to Lap An. Driving slowly to enjoy the beautiful and pretty scenery which is the best combination of forest and beach. It must be a memorable and lovely experience. In this lagoon, water is really clean and clear, it is full of shell mussels and there is no mud. Travelers can take beautiful and “deep” photos easily.

Hai Van pass- a place can’t be miss when coming here. You will go up to the top of the pass from Lang Co; it is the place where has the most beautiful view. You can take photos at the US ports which were built in the reign of Ming Mang. At the end of the pass, you will see a lot of fountain on the roadside, the view is really wonderful. It brings a cool and comfortable feeling.

Next is Bach Ma (white horse) national park. It is about 30km the west from Lang Co. Bach Ma is famous for the cool and relaxing climate. The temperature is never higher than 40 degrees and lower than 26 degrees. Staying there, you will walk and enjoy the fresh air of mountains and forests with the good-looking scenes.

bien lang co

Lang Co beach has a wonderful and astonishing beauty. However, it is not explored too much so it still remains the pristine and intact scenery. The atmosphere is quiet and poetic, especially in the evening and night. You can feel the waves sound and the murmuring of the insects.


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