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Ba Vi is a land that is given by nature. This site is full of components of a resort, from rivers, streams to mountains and hills. Come to Ba Vi, you will be attracted by its wild beauty and the fresh atmosphere. Now, will suggest some beautiful and famous places in Ba Vi for you.

1.       Khoang Xanh Suoi Tien: Located in Van Hoa commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi, Khoang Xanh Suoi Tien brings the fresh feeling and cool space. Many streams and many green and shady trees will help visitors reduce the stress and relax after a hard-working day.

In addition, there is a system of fresh swimming pools, cool and various entertainment system, mud baths and hot baths to help visitors have a wonderful experience at Khoang Xanh - Suoi Tien tourism.

2.       Ao Vua: Just about 60km from Hanoi city center, Ao Vua appeal to tourists with beautiful natural scenery, fresh climate and many streams and waterfalls. Beside artificial constructions such as amusement park with swimming pool, wildlife garden, statue garden, Ao Vua also serves the needs of sightseeing, relaxation, meeting or party for visitors. Moreover, come to Ao Vua, tourists will have the chance to enjoy many thrilling games. Therefore, the spot is really suitable for adventurous people. It will definitely leave you a lively and energetic summer.

3.       Eco-tourism area Thien Son – Suoi Nga: Thien Son - Suoi Nga is situated about 50km west of Hanoi, in the middle of the valley in the natural forest. Here, the climate is fresh and cool all year round and this is one of the most beautiful destinations of Ba Vi tourism.

Coming to Thien Son - Suoi Nga, visitors can enjoy the fresh and clean air of heaven and earth. Visitors will travel the three sub-areas of Ha Son, Trung Son, and Ngoan Son. The most wonderful and attractive about the resort is the vast, immense and enormous Sky Caves. From the height of several tens of meters, there are 3 lanes of water down the mountain to form a natural swimming pool. Clear spring water, see the grain of sand at the bottom.

4.       Tan Da spa resort: Tan Da Resort is a wonderful and fascinating resort destination, where nature and human interaction. With the main purpose to serve the need for relaxation. Come to Tan Da, you are soaked in the warm mineral water, mud bath relaxation, massage in the herbal passion. Surrounded by mountains, forests, and the majestic nature; Feeling immersed in the cool water in the midst of the natural scene will erase all fatigue as well as the stress of life effectively.

In addition, there are many entertainment services for you and your family consider such as cycling, tennis, billiards, karaoke, etc.  

Ba Vi is beautiful and dreaming with majestic natural scenery and comfortable atmosphere. Tourist comes here to escape from the busy, the pressure and stressful in the big cities. There are many more wonderful places to visit in here. Let's explore with in the next part.


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